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I am the Rev. Tecoy Porter and I’m running for the State Assembly because California deserves leaders who are fully engaged in calling for systematic change. I am a regular person who wants to ensure that we all have access to the political process. We all deserve a seat at the table and I want to make sure that the needs and concerns of everyday people are considered when decisions that affect their lives, and livelihoods, are being made. The fervor for change must extend beyond the current moment. I am willing to put in the “boots on the ground” work required to see sustained advancement happen. This requires bold leadership, forward thinking and a strong moral compass.

As a third generation pastor, I am a man of faith, but I am also a man of action. I have led my Meadowview-area church through tough economic times and I have seen the community I serve experience great tragedy and triumph, turning pain into power. I am not a person who simply sits on the sidelines, it is not in me to remain silent. I have stepped up and been on the frontlines for demands for social justice reform, greater inclusion and equal opportunities. I know the transformative power of standing our ground and disturbing the status quo. That’s the level of commitment needed to move the region and the state forward. We owe it to ourselves, our children and future generations to roll up our sleeves and make a difference.


Dr. Tecoy M Porter Sr.


My family and I have been residents in Elk Grove since 1988, and have served as a pastor and community leader in South Sacramento for over 22 years.  I also have close ties to the residents and community leadership in Oak Park. I am no stranger to these areas that make up this district, and neither are they to me. As in the previous race, the mission and purpose of bringing representation to the State’s Capitol is the same. Because of redistricting, the assembly seat presents a better vehicle to make this happen. 

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