The overall theme for my candidacy is to bring representation and equity to the state Capitol. Through this lens, I will bring a fresh perspective on some of the most troubling issues as your representative in the California State Assembly. 

The Affordable Housing Crisis

Having an affordable and safe place to call home should not be an option to a privileged few but a right for every Californian. In the assembly, I will seek paths to increase homeownership and sustainable housing throughout the district by advocating for innovative ways to improve the housing stock to prevent more Californians from becoming unhoused. We must work with both providers and buyers to ensure fair & equitable housing throughout the state we all call our home.

Healthcare is a Human Right!

The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted the inequities and disparities within our healthcare system, especially for marginalized communities. Access to quality healthcare must be a right and not a privilege. Closing this access gap will be a top priority for me at the Capitol. 

All Kids Deserve Quality Public Education

I know first-hand the benefits of receiving a quality education, especially in a child’s formative years. I have advocated for quality educational opportunities with the formation of Tecoy Porter College Prep, A Fortune School. I will continue to push for access to quality education for all children, no matter their zip code, economic status, ethnicity, or race. 

Reimagine Policing and our Criminal Justice System

Everyone wants to live in safe neighborhoods and have their children attend safe schools. I also believe that policing is key to ensuring this. In the assembly, I will continue to advocate for substantial reforms to our police and criminal justice system by supporting and crafting policies that hold our police officers accountable and increase transparency to build trust between law officers and the citizens they swore to protect and serve.

Jobs & the Economy

The economy continues to struggle to get back on its feet, especially with the resurgence of COVID and its many variants. Getting people back to work safely and getting more sustainable support for small businesses – especially for minority-owned – will be critical for me in the assembly. I will also focus on seeking innovative ways to spur job creation and growth in our budget, which is essential for our economy to bounce back equitably for all.

Equality & Equity for All

There are so many areas in which specific communities are not given equal and equitable access like healthcare, housing, business, and education, to name a few. As your representative, I will support and create policies that provide equal opportunities for all people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, citizenship, criminal record, economic status, gender, gender expression, or sexuality.

Environmental Justice

Historically, low-income communities and communities of color have been adversely impacted by environmental hazards such as inadequate access to healthy food, insufficient public transportation, air and water pollution, and unsafe homes. This ecological injustice has resulted in disproportionate health and economic burden for households within these communities which I intend to address in the state assembly.  

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